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Signature Talks

Have a conference, event, or meeting and need a speaker, invite me to speak. I’m an experienced speaker in the arena of career management, leadership and professional development for college graduates. I LOVE to share my story, passions, and ideas with others to equip you with what you need to have a successful career after graduating.

Developing a Career State of Mind™

Are you frustrated that you are going from one pointless job to the next? Do you want more stability in your life knowing that you have a solid career path? Would you like to develop a mindset that will always put you in control of your career regardless?

This workshop will offer proven strategies to assist you in mapping out a plan to have a great career.

In this workshop you will BENEFIT:

  • Breaking down the DIFFERENCE between a JOB and a CAREER
  • Discovering your TRUE passion in life
  • Determining the TIME needed to develop a career
  • Learning Key Career Management Tools
  • Building Strategic Alliances to ASSIST you in your career

Fire Proofing Your Professional Bridge™

Would you like to have the best understanding on how your network REALLY perceives you? Do you know how to BOUNCE back from a professional relationship that has been damaged? Do you know when it’s time to distance yourself from a fellow colleague?

This workshop will offer you techniques to start, develop, and maintain healthy professional relationships through both good and bad times.

In this workshop you will BENEFIT:

  • Understanding how to build trust and a better rapport with your colleagues
  • Asking Key questions to your professional network to gain effective feedback
  • Avoiding misunderstanding through effective communication
  • Identifying your STRENGTHS and OPPORTUNITIES when resolving conflict

Pink Slip Protection™

Would you know what steps to take in the event that you lost your job? Do you know how to develop a strong financial structure to sustain yourself in the event of a job loss? How would you psychologically “bounce back” from losing a job?

This workshop will show you keen strategies on how to prepare for and come out of a job loss.

In this workshop you will BENEFIT:

  • Understanding the reality that ANYONE can lose their job at ANYTIME
  • Losing your job DOESN’T make you a FAILURE
  • Learning a WEALTH building formula
  • Keeping your professional network “WARM”
  • Remaining OPEN to new opportunities when you already have a job

High Five™

Did you know that who you associate with has a much stronger effect on you than you realize? Did you know that your income is the average of the five people you associate with the most? Want to engage and build professional relationships with more established people?

This workshop will help you identify, modify, and maintain the five people that you associate with the most to guarantee that you are getting the very best from those people.

In this workshop you will BENEFIT:

  • Knowing the type of people that you currently associate with.
  • Making a decision on the type of people you want to associate with
  • Learning how to limit you association with certain people
  • Taking the “Association Assessment Assignment”

Nervousness of Networking™

Do you know the best way to alleviate your stress when you are networking?  When you go to an event are you shy and reserved?  Do you want to be the best networker you can possibly be?

This workshop will give you the tools you need to overcome YOUR nerves when you are networking.

In this workshop you will BENEFIT:

  • Changing your overall mindset when it comes to networking
  • Practicing Techniques to help you relax before talking to someone
  • Learning Effective networking tools for shy and reserved people
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