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Who is Eric B. Horn?

Eric B. Horn is an author, speaker, and trainer in the areas of professional development, career management, and leadership for college graduates.  His passion is to equip college grads who have the desire to WIN in their career.

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What services does Eric provide?

Eric B. Horn provides career coaching, consulting, and training to enhance their self-value and equip them with marketplace savvy to accomplish their goals and dreams.

What publications has Eric written?

Eric, has written How Professional is Your Development? Vol. 1 which is a self-development guide, for college graduates, on how to have an abiding career.

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Is Eric available to speak at my next event?

Have a conference, event, or meeting and need a speaker?  Invite me!  I’m an experienced presenter in the arena of career management, leadership and professional development for college graduates. I LOVE to share my story, passions, and ideas with others to equip you with what you need to have a successful career after graduating.  For more information on Eric’s availability, e-mail us at info@ericbhorn.com


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