“Eric B. Horn is the go-to person in the areas of career management, professional development, business, and leadership.”

As an author, speaker, trainer, business adviser, and seminar leader, Eric has a unique passion for equipping college graduates, mid-level professionals, and business owners who have the desire to WIN in their career.

Eric is also the owner of Eric B. Horn, Inc. which provides career coaching, consulting, and training to his clients so that they will enhance their professional self-value, confidence, and provide them with marketplace savvy to accomplish their goals.

To cope with being downsized 2009, Eric started to coach himself on small but critical professional development strategies such as making sure his network was strong, having an emergency fund, and always having an updated resume which was essential in moving forward in his career. Little did Eric know that this coping mechanism was leading him to discover a gift of personal and professional development.

“I do recognize that my knowledge of professional development is a gift from GOD. Strangely enough, I neglected this gift for far too long. I LOVE helping and adding value to people’s lives so that they can succeed. This is my passion. This is my life’s mission.

Most importantly, Eric is a devoted family man, friend, and child of GOD. He is married to his lovely wife, Nikisha, and has one beautiful and energetic daughter, named Londyn Brielle.

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